Why PortfolioGuardian?

The PortfolioGuardian team are accounting professionals. Our company goal is to provide service excellence, accuracy and value for money to our clients.  We provide services to investors, foundations, investment companies, family trusts and other investment entities.


A Fixed Fee for Service

PortfolioGuardian has a fixed fee for service, so you will always know your fees in advance.


Value for Money

Our fee is based on the number of assets, not the value of your portfolio which means you can continue to build your wealth without increasing administration costs.


Less Paperwork

We handle the administration burden, ensuring the accuracy in your portfolio reporting – freeing you up to focus on your investments.


Daily Online Reporting

We offer online access to your investments and transaction statements. Rather than rifle through mountains of paperwork, you can access detailed investment reports at any time day or night.

Unlike traditional online/wrap platforms, PortfolioGuardian’s reporting allows you to view all types of assets within our investment reports, including:

  • ASX Listed/Unlisted Securities;
  • Listed/Unlisted Managed Funds;
  • International Equities;
  • Fixed Interest Securities and Term Deposits;
  • Property;
  • Derivatives/Exchange Traded Options;
  • Collectibles;
  • Private Trusts;
  • Margin Lending Accounts.

Our reporting will provide you with a complete summary of your investment portfolio.


Investment Planning

We are not investment advisors and do not provide investment advice. 

Our reports are designed to provide you and your investment advisors with up to date tax and investment information which is useful in managing your investments, especially for asset allocation purposes, tax planning, and for decisions often made at the end of a financial year.

Our fees are generally tax deductible*.

*Specific to your circumstances so please seek advice from your personal accountant.