PortfolioGuardian is a chartered accounting firm and administration specialist with over 17 years’ experience administering investment portfolios. We also specialise in providing accounting and administration services to the Public and Private Ancillary Funds. With over 10 years of experience we have helped over 350 Foundations reach their Philanthropic goals.

We operate Australia wide and have an exemplary reputation for providing outstanding service and value for money. Unlike many platforms, our fees are not linked to the value of your portfolio.

We can administer any asset and any platform providing you with consolidated tax reporting. We save you time and money at the end of the financial year as all the capital gains/losses are summarised ready to hand to your personal accountant.

PortfolioGuardian – complete flexibility, competitive pricing.

Features of the service include:

Online access to a range of portfolio reports updated daily

A full mailbox service with all investment administration

Year end taxation reports – with annual tax reporting produced promptly at year end as part of the service

Flexibility to utilise any bank account

A fixed fee for service calculated each financial year in advance