Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to set up a portfolio?

A: Once we receive a signed application form and your investment information, we aim to have your portfolio established online within 2 weeks, but it can be quicker in special circumstances.

Q: How long before I can start trading?

A: As we are handling the administration and reporting for the account, you are able to start trading or investing at any time. We will then receive copies of the investment documentation and process accordingly.

Q: Once my portfolio is set up with PortfolioGuardian, what happens when I want to place an investment either directly myself or through my Adviser.

A: You conduct your investment as usual, ensuring you pay for your investments from your nominated bank account. All the paper work is automatically directed through the PortfolioGuardian office, we record the investment details then file the paperwork.

Q: Who do I speak to if I have a question about my fund?

A: You will be allocated a Client Manager at the time you establish your account with PortfolioGuardian, and they will be happy to assist you with any queries, at any time.

Q: I want my portfolio account to buy shares in an initial public offering or float. What do I do?

A: You can fill out and send the application form and cheque directly to the company, simply notifying PortfolioGuardian of your actions. Alternatively your Adviser can forward this information to us. This ensures that your accounts are accurately reported at all times.

Q: How do we receive dividends?

A: PortfolioGuardian receives dividend distribution statements on your behalf. Generally all dividends are directly credited to the nominated bank account, however any dividends received by cheque will be deposited into your nominated bank account.

Q: Can you arrange to pay for my trades and expenses on my behalf?

A: No. We do not handle settlements, nor do we transact on any of our client accounts – however most trading accounts can be established with a direct debit/credit facility with their broker or investment platform.

Q: What happens if I want to receive a copy of all documentation?

A: We receive all documentation electronically. We are happy to forward this information to you via email at no additional cost.

Q: Are there any exit fees if I leave PortfolioGuardian?

A: We do not charge exit fees and our service can be cancelled with one months notice.

Q: Does PortfolioGuardian provide financial advice?

A: No, we are not licensed to provide financial advice.