Establishment Fee

Establishment of portfolio data on our systems is free for new accounts that sign for a minimum 2 year period*. Fees are negotiable at the time of establishment for accounts who do not wish to contract for our minimum term.

* Subject to review and integrity of data provided


Ongoing Fees

Our annual fee is debited to your nominated bank account in monthly instalments.

Number of AssetsAnnual Fee (inc GST)
0 – 10$1,640
11 – 20$2,335
21 – 30$2,900
31 – 40$3,485
41 – 50$4,050
51 – 60$4,625
61 – 70$5,190
71+By Quote

The above quoted fee categories may vary from time to time where extraordinary circumstances exist. We reserve the right to charge a fee for service outside of the above mentioned fee categories if deemed appropriate.

Pricing assumes a dedicated bank account for investment related transactions only.


Calculating your Assets

For the purpose of calculating your assets for the ongoing fee, we classify assets on the following basis:

Bank Account1 Asset
Listed Security (Shares)1 Asset
Listed Trusts/Managed Funds1 Asset
Term Deposit1 Asset
Units in Unlisted Trusts/Managed Funds2 Assets
Shares in Private CompaniesSubject to negotiation
PropertySubject to negotiation
Derivatives/OptionsSubject to negotiation
Instalment Warrant ArrangementSubject to negotiation
Artwork and Other AssetsSubject to negotiation